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Accelerate your integration roadmap 10x

Empower product leaders and developers to rapidly build a white-labeled integration experience

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A native integration experience for your customers

White-labeling your customer's integration experience is a breeze with the Embedded Bundle of the Universal Automation Cloud.

The intuitive and fully customizable Configuration Wizard guides users through the end-to-end activation process. With this turn-key wizard, you can step users through authentication collection, required or optional integration settings, and provide them the ability to activate or deactivate the integration on their own - all in just a few clicks.

Embedded Native - Seamless Experience
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Customer Integrations

“We’ve quadrupled our integration delivery speed. More integrations mean happier customers that can respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities even faster”

Martijn Russchen, Product Lead
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Integrations drive 248% ROI

By using Tray for Embedded integrations, your teams can experience:

60%Boost to Development Efficiency
30%Reduced Churn
30%Increased Win Rate
90%Reduced Maintenance Cost

Why ISVs need an Embedded Integration Platform

Learn why integrations boost CSAT, improve win rates, and reduce churn.

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Not only are we launching integrations faster, but we’re able to build them more efficiently, which means we can retask roughly 60% of our integration squad to work on other projects and build even more integrations.

Kabir Mathur, Director of Product Partnerships at Typeform
Kabir Mathur, Director of Product Partnerships
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