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Develop integrations with lightning velocity

Whether building in-house solutions or commercial SaaS apps, developers use Tray Code with programmatic access to the Universal Automation Cloud to move faster.

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Quickly tap into external systems

Connectors API provides a single, flexible JSON schema and a standard REST interface, which unlocks a gateway to our library of over six hundred applications, databases, and services, all with just three API calls.

Simplify authentication management

Authentications API enables developers to securely store and manage authentications that can be leveraged in multiple integration instances for end users. It abstracts away the complexity developers face and provides a secure auth-only dialog to request auths as needed.

Deliver event-based integrations for your app

Triggers API is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way for developers to build event-based integrations.

With a single REST interface, it enables developers to provision triggers for any app, database, or service supported by our connector library. Upon receipt, we automatically parse and return each trigger payload directly to your application.

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Customer Integrations

“We’ve quadrupled our integration delivery speed. More integrations mean happier customers that can respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities even faster”

Martijn Russchen, Product Lead
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