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GitHub integration + automation

GitHub integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray platform’s robust GitHub connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

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GitHub integrations made easy

Streamline issue tracking and collaborative development with GitHub integrations using the low-code Tray Platform. Our 100% visual, drag-and-drop builder empowers anyone to stand up custom GitHub integrations within minutes without using extensive IT resources.

To stand up fast integrations, you’ll need more than a GitHub connector. Our platform lets you bi-directionally sync the GitHub API with any application within your tech stack and flow your DevOps data wherever you need. With the Tray Platform, you can integrate GitHub with any data source, including FTP, webhooks, databases, flat files (such as CSVs), and any application—even using data within custom fields.

Our platform also lets you build custom GitHub automation to optimize issue management and deploy better code, faster. We give you the power to boost productivity for the entire DevOps chain. Now, you can accelerate issue resolution, communicate and collaborate more efficiently, minimize hours of manual work, and more.

GitHub Connector Details

CategoryDeveloper Tools
ReleaseForkIssue CommentIssuesList user repositories DDLPull RequestPull Request ReviewPush
Connector TypeTray Connector
Add/update team membershipCompare commitsCreate a releaseCreate a statusCreate deploy keyDelete repositoryCreate issueCreate repositoryDelete deploy keyGet a single referenceGet branchGet branch protectionand 24 more...
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