Integrate your healthcare technology stack at 10X velocity

HIPAA-compliant low-code integration that connects and automates all important systems and processes, quickly, scalably, and flexibly.

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Automate any patient, physician, staff, or back-office process with the Tray Platform

Interoperability and integration are a priority for healthcare organizations—revenue, efficiency, patient engagement, and outcomes depend on it. Yet technology in healthcare is fragmented and complicated, after years of evolution and M&A.

Developer-intensive healthcare IT projects to connect patient, billing, staff and other data take too long, and can’t keep up with the pace of healthcare transformation. There’s a better way. The Tray Platform is built differently, to connect it all with unprecedented ease and speed using a unique, low-code General Automation Platform.

Unlimited connectivity rapidly taps into any app, database, or API. Anyone from IS/IT, informatics, health IT management or administration can build powerful automation and integrations using a completely visual, low-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder.

With the Tray Platform, anyone can automate any patient, physician, staff, or back-office process at 10X velocity, and securely scale it up with confidence with a platform that’s both HIPAA-compliant and completely elastic. 

We have 75 staff members using the Tray Platform to automate management of all our community outreach efforts across all of our facilities. The Tray Platform makes the business behind the business work.

Matthew DePace - Regional Director of Corporate and Community Relations, Northwell Health
Northwell Health uses workflows

Securely integrate patient healthcare data with HIPAA-compliant automation

As a HIPAA-compliant Cloud Service Provider (CSP), the Tray Platform ensures secure, trusted handling of sensitive ePHI data across systems, sites, and processes throughout the organization. Tray policies and procedures, data minimization, comprehensive data security and controls, and disaster recovery ensure healthcare organizations can confidently enter a HIPAA-compliant Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with

Optimize costs and patient experience by connecting your technology

The Tray Platform easily connects EMR/EHR systems, appointment scheduling, patient portals, hospital management software, billing, invoicing, ticketing, ERP and HR/HRIS, and much more. Hundreds of app connectors and a universal connector securely connect to any REST, SOAP, or GraphQL API. It’s flexible enough to fully tap into every system—standard and custom fields, or HL7 messages, to maximize interoperability across apps and sites.

Automate any process: patient scheduling, staff onboarding, medical billing

Use the Tray Platform’s intuitive low-code automation builder to automate patient intake, self-scheduling, billing, and revenue lifecycle management processes. Streamline staff onboarding, change management, and off-boarding processes with workflows that auto-provision accounts and update HR, benefits, and payroll systems. Increase patient satisfaction by routing requests in real-time from your patient portal or call center to downstream systems, for the best patient experience.

Gain insight into outcomes, revenue, and costs by accelerating analytics

Supercharge any healthcare analytics initiative, from tracking success rates, physician performance, and patient satisfaction/outcomes, to revenue cycle analytics. Insurers can integrate data to accelerate insight into claims, premiums, and policies. Data integration powers mapping, cleansing, formatting, and transforming any field, and elastically processing large volumes into any cloud data warehouse.

Efficiently accelerate every healthcare technology integration initiative

The Tray Platform enables analysts, IS/IT teams, developers, informatics, systems administrators, hospital management staff, or finance to collaboratively build integrations at 10X velocity. Visually drag and drop sophisticated business logic, data mappings, and create automated workflows that can be triggered based on any event. Technologists can use custom code if desired. Integrating healthcare technology and interoperability has never been easier.